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About Us  
       A Group of businessmen, academics and expert economists of various segments of society from all over Iraq got together and agreed on promoting and establishing the Iraqi Center for Business Community Development, focusing on the process of developing small and medium enterprises owners.
The Center also aims to assist and encourage youth of both gender to establish and involve in private businesses and enterpreuarals, as well as improving their skills and experiences through training programs and to facilitate and provide grants and loans opportunities.
The Center shall play an important role to influence the decision-makers in the country to enforce new economical laws and policies that best serve Iraqi business community or any amendments of current laws to serve the national economy and Iraqi private sector. The Center shall also provide professional expertise that may assist the Iraqi political parties by developing economical programs, policies and agendas that guide their future economical approaches that best serve the economical and societal development of the country.

Our vision:

To build a sophisticated Iraqi business community.

Our mission:

To contribute in building an effective Iraqi business community to create a prosperous Iraqi economy operating under the free-market system.

Our Objectives:

The Center is a non-governmental and non-profit organization strives to serve businessmen, businesswomen, industrialists and traders in their small and medium projects, therefore the center aims to achieve the following:

  • Building a database of Iraqi economic enterprises in the private sector.
  • Provide training opportunities to develop basic and advanced business skills (foreign languages, computer skills, communications, modern management and other experiences) to youths and others to reduce and bridge the gap in knowledge and culture between Iraq and other nations.
  • Approaching donation communities that helps to deliver grants to eligible applicants.
  • Cooperation with State Institutions, Iraqi and international business organizations to improve the performance of the Iraqi private sector.
  • Contributing to guide the State economic policies through providing studies, research papers and economic policies papers regarding investments, unemployment, foreign exchange and assistance to access loans and grants to eligible applicants and any other expertise.
  • Contributing to the development of policies and economic programs of the Political Parties in Iraq.
  • Contributing to the creation of youth leaders to the Iraqi business community.
  • To encourage Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization and provide the services, studies, training and contributing to the conferences which supports the achievement of this goal.
  • Provide assistance to foreign investments with the small and medium-sized Iraqi enterprises.